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A healthy coat starts with a shampoo that is properly pH balanced. PETVEDA shampoo provide the ultimate in hygiene. These are pH balanced, use a blend of natural herb extracts and essential oils and are mildly fragranced using natural essential oils, so as not to irritate the pet. 


PETVEDA Ultra Moisturizing Conditioners are specially formulated for pets, to provide body to the hair and help in overall manageability. This product helps in rebalancing the skin & hair texture, to provide a shine to the coat, leaving it looking bright and feeling soft. 


PETVEDA Medicated Spray is alcohol free and uses a synergistic blend of pure essential oils of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Citronella along with a special concentrate in this unique formulation that helps the pet against ticks and fleas that may lead to irritation and skin allergies. 

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We specializes in manufacturing natural Skin & Hair Care products -

Terrai Natural Products established in 2010, specializes in manufacturing natural Skin & Hair Care products specially designed to effectively cater to specific needs. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company; it has developed a comprehensive line of natural pet care products, based on remedies listed in the ancient Ayurvedic materia medica, under the brand name PETVEDA. We are proud to state that we use human grade ingredients in our formulations. Our products contain no SLES or Parabens and are made using Organic Certified ingredients. –

PETVEDA products are a set of solution based pet grooming products that help maintain your pets’ hygiene and healthy skin and coats. Good grooming is especially important for animals with long hair and those that have trouble keeping themselves clean. It is believed that taking care of this essential need of these animals not only makes them feel comfortable but helps them live a better life –