3 Natural Wellness Products for Pet Doggos and Cattos

A healthy diet, regular health check-ups and outdoor routine are as crucial for your pet dog or cat as they are to us.

Wellness for any living being comprises emotional, physical and mental health. For your beloved pet Doggo or Catto, it also means regular grooming and living in a hygienic household environment. 

Are there alternatives to chemical & synthetic compound-based products to ensure your pet dog’s and cats’ wellness? 

Here are 3 Natural Wellness products for your pet doggos and cattos made with pristine Ayurvedic formulae! 

#1. Ayurvedic Dog & Cat Shampoos

A good shampoo can do wonders for your pet pooch’s good looks, mood and health. As the seasons change, dogs and cats become more susceptible to bacterial infections, ticks & fleas, and other nutrient deficiencies that might compromise their coat. For instance, non-branded chemical-laced shampoos can sombre your pet’s coat, resulting in hair fall, dry underskin, itching and even ticks.

PetVeda Ayurvedic shampoos for dogs and cats solve it for you. You can choose the shampoo for your pet dog and/or cat as per the medical concern and start applying it to them during regular baths. The best part is that being an Ayurvedic formulation, you don’t have to worry about any allergies and complications.

Choose from Anti-bacterial shampoo, anti-dandruff, damage-repair, tick-flea repellent shampoo, conditioning and coat volumizing shampoo, and so on. Your pooch will thank you for their thick, lustrous fur and an itch-free life!

#2. Natural Fragrance Sprays for Happier Dogs & Cats

Sometimes pets, when they skip baths or regular hygiene maintenance from the owners, start to smell. Just like humans give-off a certain odour when they don’t bathe (due to sweat accumulation, etc.), dogs and cats can also give off a distinct odour.

While the odour might also result from an unsuitable diet, it usually stems from infrequent baths. 

However, if there is no underlying cause for your pet’s distinct smell (dog or cat), you can try natural fragrance sprays to keep them smelling afresh. 

Using an Ayurvedic formulated spray on your cat or dog’s coat everyday will not only have them spread the sweet fragrance wherever they go but also promote relaxation for them and the household members. You can checkout assorted deodorizing Ayurvedic sprays on PetVeda - from anti-dandruff applications to simple relaxing deodorizing aromas. 

#3. Natural Conditioners

Don’t we all hate that dry hair and skin after washing our hair!

We do have moisturizers to rejuvenate our skin and product to moisten our hair. Ever wondered how does your pet feel like roaming around with dry hair and skin? Irritated and anxious!

But you just might have the right solution here!

Natural ayurvedic conditioners can help your pet dog and cat to have healthy and moist fur just after that warming bath. For instance, you can get an PetVeda natural conditioner (that promotes faster dead/dry skin shedding) and Vitamin A & E rich natural conditioner on PetVeda that promotes a thick, lustrous coat for pets like dogs and cats.

Your pet’s wellness must be attended to with regularity and dedication. The option of natural Ayurvedic product to maintain it will give you peace of mind and your pal the ever-glowing smile of affection.

To the best of health for your Doggo and Catto :-)