Caring for your pets in Winter

The winter chills are around the corner and the sudden and steep drop in temperature might result in your pet getting fever, allergies, runny nose and other complications. The winter season brings less of sun and your pet mostly prefer to stay indoors, cuddled up in a blanket. Well, surely they look too cute all cuddled up; however, not soaking the sun properly increase the chances of allergies and yeast infections. Petveda, is here to give you a quick guide to keep your pets healthy and also to reduce the chances of them getting sick by taking a few precautions.

  1.  Maintain consistent temperature:
    If you are deciding to step out with a coat then it is probably too cold for your pooch as well. You can dress up your baby in some great Winter ensemble. There are some pets who have thick fur and do not need any winter clothing but some definitely do.

  2. Make their bed cozier and warmer:
    Pet sleeping on floor during winters is a big NO. You can get super comfortable beds and mattresses for your pets which are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. They love snuggling but make sure that the bedding is placed in a warm spot and in a familiar place.
    For pets who sleep in crates, it is advised to add extra layers of mats and blankets to provide better insulation. Spread love for strays by providing them with jute gunny bags and newspapers along with blankets to sleep.

  3. Bathing regime:
    Honestly, we all have skipped our bath for a day or two in winters. Now, the same implies for your furry friends too. Make sure that your pet’s bathing routine is based on the access to full sun. Change in body temperature and minimal possibility to dry the coat can result in making your pooch falling sick. Usually in winters, the coat and skin of animals also get dry and using shampoo can strip natural oil off their skin and coat.
    Make sure that you dry brush your pet’s coat regularly and you can also use dry shampoo or deodorising sprays in extreme conditions.

  4. Dietary changes:
    EVen our pets need to upgrade their diet during winters which is of course our job to help them stay healthy and fine. They burn extra energy by trying to stay warm during wintertime. Feed them a little extra and keep them well hydrated so that they get the extra dose of calories and their skin is less dry.

  5. Paw care:
    Massage your pet’s paw pads with petroleum jelly or paw balm before going outside as this can help protect from extreme dryness and cracking.

  6. Exercise:
    Winters bring laziness and that makes our pets to snuggle in a corner. Keep them active by involving them into various physical activities which will eventually benefit you both as even a few minutes of exercise will help to make a difference.

Winter is all about spreading love and warmth. Keep yourself and your pooch safe and healthy during the chills and don’t forget to soak up lots of winter sun.