Discover Your Cat's True Nature

We believe cats are often misunderstood, partly because the true nature of cats – where they come from, their ancestry and their evolution from cats in the wild – has largely remained a mystery. That’s why we decided to see what would happen if we set out to explore the true nature of cats.


We started by visiting South Africa to study one of the domestic cat's closest living ancestors, the African Wildcat. There, our team of experts was able to observe the African Wildcat’s habits, from hunting and feeding, to resting and evading predators or rivals. This helped us understand their natural behaviors and features that contribute to their ideal habitat.


These observations helped our researchers make practical recommendations for ways you can help your cat live an extraordinary life. They ranged from how to arrange your home to how play can mimic the hunt to what kind of dish to serve food in and where to place it. This knowledge can help your cat feel comfortable and stimulated, and help you feed him in a way that aligns with his natural instincts. These lessons include:


What our team learned about these ancestral cats inspired the creation of a line of cat foods for Purina® Pro Plan®. With TRUE NATURE™, you’ll find a complete nutritional platform of dry cat food, wet cat food and cat treats with fine-tuned, high protein nutrition that’s designed to help support lean muscle, strength and energy in your cat. The cat foods are natural recipes, plus essential nutrients, and there are grain-free options as well.