How often to bathe your pet ?

Some pets love playing with water and they look forward to that foamy bath session while others totally dread bath-time but it is a must to keep them clean and healthy. The bathing routine completely depends on how active and outdoorsy your pet is. It is advised that you must bathe your pet accordingly and not more than once a week, unless as instructed by the vet. Also, both feline and canine bathing routines are different and weather also plays a vital role. Some pets are okay with a bath once a month while some need more frequent baths. The bathing needs for your pooch may depend on his/her skin condition, health, etc. and it is best that you consult your vet.

There are times when a full shampoo bath cannot be given to a pet due to some unavoidable circumstances and that is when you can either use dry shampoos or deodorising spraysDeodorising sprays by Petveda are made without alcohol or any other chemical ingredient that might have harmful side effects to deodorize and detangle your pooch coat and neutralizes the odor.  Our pet cologne formula with a fresh scent induces a feeling of happiness. The hair spray is a professional grooming solution that uses ionic technology to seal the hair cuticle, reduces frizz and leaves behind a smooth and silky coat. Specially curated for all types of canine and feline coats – the luxurious and pH balanced solution for optimal care for your pet’s skin as well as coat leaving it all fragrant. However, they must never be used as an alternative to regular bath.