How to Care for Foreign Dog Breeds in India?

Dogs are our best pals, and they come in all shapes and sizes, with their hearts being the same - full of love, trust and affection.

The idea of keeping a pet pooch in the family appeals to many. Besides therapeutic benefits, people prefer them for good company and also for ‘always-on’ home surveillance. And so, vivid dog breeds can be seen walking on the streets in almost all major metropolitans of our country. 

Most of these pooches belong to non-native Indian breeds, i.e. foreign breeds. Golden Retrievers, Beagles, German Shepherds, Saint Bernards, Huskies, Pugs, Samoyeds, Malamutes, and so on can be seen strolling on the roads with their owners early in the morning and evening.

However, many owners unintentionally forget about the ‘adaptability’ of these non-native dog breeds. They belong to a different climate, environment and ecological settings and have different needs to lead a healthy, fulfilling life.

In this blog, we will tell you about how to care for a foreign dog breed if you’ve kept it in your loving Indian household!

Maintain Optimum Habitat Temperature

Your dog pal lives in the same temperature settings as you. But that might not necessarily be suitable for him/her.

Dog breeds native to colder regions like Huskies and Saint Bernards require a cooler ambient temperature than the average. They have thick and lustrous coats to maintain the right body temperature. However, if they live in hotter tropical regions like India for too long, their coat will start to go bad, and they might even fall sick.

To fix this, know where your dog belongs and consult your vet. Most of the ‘furry’ breeds do well in an air-conditioned room during the afternoons, feeding on pet-friendly yoghurt and drinking plenty of water.

Use Breed-specific Diet

People often unconsciously ‘categorize’ all dogs as the ‘same’ and think that they all require a similar diet, just in different quantities.

Different breeds, especially non-native breeds, have varying key nutritional requirements. For instance, a small breed like Pug can be given a nutritious vegetarian diet without much change over time. However, power breeds or muscular breeds like Rottweiler would require an apt quantity of protein and calcium everyday - especially during the growth years.

Your vet will prepare a nutrition and diet chart specific to your dog’s breed and help you maintain his/her health. Your job would be to follow it regularly and deviate as less as possible from it.

Grooming & Exercise Routine

Did you know that dogs that do not get enough exercise tend to display symptoms of depression?

Your dog requires a healthy daily exercise routine where he/she can spend the energy on outdoor activities, socialize with other people and stay fit - mentally, physically and emotionally. The level of exercise, again, would differ with the breed. For instance, a beagle would require lesser exercise and outdoor time than a Doberman or a Rottweiler.

Grooming: For Healthy & Happy Pooches

What many people miss while keeping a foreign breed is their grooming needs. They have a pre-conceived notion that ‘Grooming’ is required only for show-dogs and competitions. While the truth is far from it. 

For instance, the frequency of bathing, regular coat brushing, checking for ticks and fleas, and a spa now and then will keep your dog in an excellent state of health. Moreover, you don’t have to apply chemical and synthetic products to your beloved pet. You can use Ayurvedic products for pets just like you’d do for yourself. You can buy these high-quality ayurvedic pet shampoos, tick/flea repellents and cleansers at - an online Ayurvedic pet supplies store dedicated to your pet’s good health and looks! is a responsible and organic pet-care products supplier that aims to make your four-legged friend’s life as wholesome as yours!

Closing Note

Keep the above points in mind for your dog’s health, happiness and longevity. Provide them with all the love, care and affection you can. They’ll thank you for life by reciprocating the same :-)