The perfect guide to care for those paws

WInter brings a lot of joy and also brings dryness, cracked paws and nose (for you, heels and lips), cut and burns and that is why we need to take special care of our fury friend’s paws and nose to ensure that they remain nothing but soft and healthy. Here are some simple and basic tips to help you keep their paws and nose healthy:

  1. Use a moisturising balm to treat those cracks and choose the one that is fragrance-free and moisturises your pet’s paws and snout.
  2. Your pet can easily get dry and cracked nose from snuggling up near a heater during the winter season. Use a humidifier to add in some moisture to your room and this surely is beneficial for both of you.
  3. Dryness could also be a result of dehydration. Ensure that your pet gets plenty of fluids during the winter season.
  4. Sudden and steep drop in temperature is a sure concern as you shouldn’t leave your pooch out in the cold as that can also result in dry and crusty paws and nose.
  5. Keep the paws groomed by regular nail trimming and zero dirt, mist etc. collection in the hair that grow between the paws.
  6. Clean and wipe the paws diligently after every walk to keep off dirt and any foreign object.
  7. You can also try dog shoes or boots that are made from anti-skid material and are an inexpensive way to keep dirt, salt, pesticides, etc. away from your dog’s paws.
  8. If in case, nothing works and you still are able to see cracks then it is advisable to visit the vet and take expert advice.

We hope that all these tips help you keep your pooch’s paws and snout crack-free.