The Ultimate Grooming Checklist for Your Pet Dog

Regularly bathing and grooming your furry pets is as crucial as human hygiene. If you have a dog, grooming goes without saying.

Bathing your dog is an essential part of his routine. Bathing can be to remove unpleasant odors or as a way to help keep him clean and healthy by bathing away dirt that accumulates on their coat. The benefits include cleaning the skin and hair for them both to have shiny coats!

Bathing your pup not only keeps him looking sharp but also helps you get rid of any possible odor coming from dirty fur accumulated throughout each day's adventures!

How often should you bathe and groom your pet pooch?

Each dog has different needs for bathing and grooming. Some dogs may need a bath every few weeks (even days), while others can go months between baths! It's important to read your dog’s cues—if they're stinky or dirty from playing outside in the mud all day then it might be time for a soapy bubble bath.

Dogs with specific skin conditions require different bathing schedules as part of their treatment plan altogether. Your vet can provide the best professional advice on this. This is because it's important to treat the problem from one end, all the way down to another! For example: If a dog has allergies then they might need special shampoos for sensitive skin such as an Ayurvedic pet shampoo free of any harsh chemicals.

The benefits of maintaining high standards of health for your pet dog include a happy, healthy pet and a hygienic overall environment. Besides, your dog will be a more cheerful soul - a dog show stopper if you may ;-)

This blog is here to help you achieve that ‘star pup owner’ label.

The ultimate grooming checklist for your pet dog

Train them to enjoy bathing and grooming

Many owners have a hard time getting their pet dogs to take a refreshing bath. In fact, dogs become smart enough to escape bathing plans for some reason😄

To keep your pet pooch smelling awesome and enjoy the grooming sessions, you’ll have to shape their behaviour. Follow these tips to train your dog to enjoy bathing and grooming time;

  • Try positive reinforcement. A small bite-sized treat works well to train dogs for desirable behaviour.
  • Introduce them to water, combing, and other relevant activities in their puppy-hood. If your dog becomes comfortable with the idea of its owner pouring water on them from early on, they’ll be super easy to deal with.
  • Do not use force or coerce your pet pup for a bath if he/she resists too much. Consult the vet for possible underlying reasons (sickness, worms, etc.) or consult a professional trainer if the problem seems to be behavioural.

Walk before a bath!

Before your dog's bath time, you can try going for a nice walk, and then, after having a rest when arriving back home, you might want to consider bathing them.

This way they'll be tired from their earlier exercise session or nap before the bathe, which means that they probably won't act like an energetic ball of fur during it - especially if this is one of those dogs who aren't very fond of water!

Don’t miss these bathing steps


Remember to brush and trim your dog before they have their bath. It's much nicer for them than trying to get mats out of the fur while wet!

Prepare Warm Water

You might think it's just a bath, but you're giving your dog some much-needed therapy. Fill the tub or utensil with lukewarm water. If there is too much water in your tub for them to be comfortable, let it drain out so that they can step on dry ground when finished bathing.

Shampoo Massage

Now make sure to thoroughly wet your dog first, then apply some hypoallergenic dog shampoo. We recommend using natural and Ayurvedic pet shampoos for the best of their health. (Start at the chest and work outwards with circular motions until you reach their undercoat - be gentle!


After you shampoo your dog, use your fingers to rinse out the shampoo thoroughly. This will ensure that any of their undercoat is covered and all traces are gone!

 Conditioner, Towel, and Cotton balls

To soften your dog’s coat and avoid skin dryness, we recommend using Ayurvedic conditioners for them. Then follow the same process you did while applying shampoo. Once done, gently dry them with a towel.

Keep cotton balls or earbuds handy. As soon as you are done bathing your pup, dry out the insides of the ears with cotton balls to provide any water-borne infection.

There! You just completed bathing your dog - the right way🐶

Stay tuned for more blogs on pet grooming, health, and wellness naturally with Petveda.