What’s in a Shampoo for your Pet ?

Being a pet parent calls in for a lot of wet kisses and fury hugs. This definitely is not everything as getting a pet in the house is about a lot of responsibilities. Let’s start with the basics first and that is your pet’s bathing regime. 

Most of us think that using a human shampoo or a bathing soap on your pet is totally acceptable and that itself marks your first wrong notion. Animals and humans have a totally different hair and skin type and using human shampoo on your pet can totally harm the gentle hair and skin texture of your pooch.

Our skin is three times thicker than a dog or a cat’s skin. And this is the reason why even a baby shampoo which is potentially mild and gentle is too not safe as that can disturb the delicate pH balance of your pooch’s skin. Petveda is an Ayurvedic resort for your four-legged furry friend. With Ayurveda inspired range of pet care products and 100% organic ingredients, our products are herbal and natural; free from paraben, sulfates (SLES/SLS), synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, alcohol and palm oil derivatives to relieve your pet from itching and other skin allergies. The high content of lactic acid and glycerin helps to relieve itchy, dry and sensitive skin. Such ingredients are rarely found in a human shampoo.


So invest in an organic shampoo for your pooch that is formulated just for pets to keep their hair glossy, shiny and hair-fall free!