What Should You Carry on a Dog Walk? 14 Items You Need in Your Bag!

On our day trips, I always carry a dog walking bag with all the essentials I’ll need for me and the dogs. I carry this bag not only on day trips and when running errands with the dogs but also when I’m out for our daily walks. Walking your dog twice a day means establishing a routine–not only for when and how long you walk but also for what you’ll carry with you. Sure you’ll grab the leash but what else should you carry on your dog walk? The answer depends on where you’re walking, the time of year, and the weather.

Many dog walkers keep a waist pack or shoulder bag filled with items for the walk (my choice) so it’s a grab and go arrangement. Others like to clip on a treat bag (also called a bait bag) and then stuff their pockets with other assorted items.

Whichever method you choose, here’s a list of some items to consider for your dog walking wardrobe:

  1. a spare leash/collar in case yours breaks
  2. your cell phone preloaded with emergency numbers including your vet, local cab company
  3. dog treats broken into training treat size
  4. dog waste bags
  5. hand wipes or tissue
  6. clicker if your dog is clicker trained
  7. photo of your dog (probably on your cell!) to show others in the immediate area if he gets lost
  8. collapsible water bowl and water for your dog. I carry this Popware bowl clipped to my bag (with a water bottle in the bag); if you’d rather attach a water bottle to the bowl, they also offer this style with a bottle holder.
  9. if you’re in the city, taxi fare/credit card/Uber app in case you suddenly have to make a vet visit
  10. flashlight, reflectors if you’re walking at night
  11. pepper spray, if permitted in your state
  12. citronella spray. I recently added this to my dog walking bag; it’s used for preventing a dog fight and is far kinder than pepper spray. It’s basically just a deterrent, a scent that dogs don’t like but doesn’t cause harm. I carry this spraythat I ordered from Amazon.
  13. some form of identification and emergency number of person who should be called if something should happen to you on the walk
  14. emergency card with an indication of how many dogs should be with you and their descriptions along with a person to contact if you are incapacitated

What other items do you always carry with you on the walk?