Our Story

Petveda was established in 2010 by Ms Kamakshi Kumar – a Delhi-based serial entrepreneur –  Manufacturing pet wellness products based on a 5000-year-old traditional practice which originated in India, called Ayurveda. It focuses on deriving properties of plants and using these properties to promote a balance of mind and body to restore good health. Based on the real knowledge of Ayurveda, Ms. Kumar, directly overseas manufacturing by leading a specialised team in a AYUSH certified manufacturing unit. Petveda was born out of her sheer love for animals and their well-being. 

It is believed that 98% of pet owners today consider their pets to be an integral member of the family because a pet can enrich human life in various special ways. Petveda celebrates this positive impact and growing bond that we share with our pets by offering a range of pet care products based on various studies of properties of plants, herbs, and other natural ingredients, as laid out in the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda. We offer natural pet grooming and food supplement products, based on Ayurvedic formulations, using only certified organic ingredients. The entire range of our products is sulfate free, paraben free, and contains no alcohol. The manufacturing process comprises of ingredients and processes chosen to help preserve natural resources, control pollution, and promote nontoxic products for our precious pets. Our product formulations incorporate Himalayan spring water along with organically certified ingredients as approved by ECOCERT.

We believe that it takes less than 26 seconds for chemicals to get absorbed in our body through the pores of skin and hair. Petveda is synonymous with natural pet care that gives your pet’s coat the nutrients it needs to protect itself from the elements without causing any long-term health issues. And it is the same thought process that we take forward with us whenever we research and develop any new pet product along the way.